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Mimi’s Coop

Mimi’s Coop is happy to be a part of the Keller Market House.

Mimi’s Coop is a bright red henhouse filled with happy & sassy chicks nestled in the trees of Quiet Acres Farm in Lancaster, Ohio.

Mimi hand-gathers farm fresh eggs daily, always looking forward to the fun mix of egg colors: blues, greens, pinks, and various shades of brown.

Our 1/2 dozen size carton, tied up with a cute little bow, makes a great gift, and they are transparent so you can choose your favorite.

Our small, mixed flock of pasture-raised gals live their best lives as they roam around foraging for seeds, bugs and grass and enjoying their share of fresh garden goodies.
We believe in all natural, pesticide free practices in both our coop and our vegetable gardens, and because of this our hens are supplemented with only non-GMO vegetarian feed.

*Mimi’s Coop is an ODA inspected & registered egg producer
*Our eggs can be purchased by the dozen upon request.
*Email us to make your request!

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