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Online Shopping

It’s Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Browse the special offerings from our local vendors, paying careful attention to order deadlines and pick up dates.
  2. Pick up your order in downtown Lancaster at the Keller Market House on your selected pick up day.
  3.  Enjoy and share delicious food produced by Ohio farmers and artisans!



Frequently Asked Questions

When can I order?
We are currently focused on holiday and special offerings. Keep an eye out for special ordering opportunities, deadlines and pick ups!

Is Curbside Pick-Up available?
Yes! Pull up in front of the store on Columbus Street and call (740) 277-6305 to let us know you’re here.  We’ll run your order out to you!

Is Delivery or Shipping available?
Sorry, we do not offer order delivery or shipping services at this time. If you’d like to send a delivery person or helper to pick-up your order, that is completely fine. We recommend adding a note to your order or call us at (740) 277-6305 to alert us that someone will pick up your order for you.

Do I have to create an account to shop online?
Yes! If you haven’t created an account, you’ll need to do so before starting your shopping adventure. If you have an account, you’ll use your email address and password to login each time you shop.

How can I quickly find a product I’m looking for?
You can choose a specific supplier or a product category from the left side of the page (desktop) or with the Filter button at the top (mobile).  Or use the “Search products” field at the top of the page to enter a specific product.

What are my payment options?
All our online store options are paid by credit card.  If you prefer to pay in person, you are always welcome to call (740) 277-6305 to place a phone order and pay when picking up. 

Can I use SNAP to purchase items in the online store?
Sorry, we are not able to process SNAP transactions online at this time. You are welcome to call us to place a phone order. We’ll hold your groceries and you can pay with SNAP when you pick up.

Can Produce Perks be applied to my order?
Sorry, we are not able to accept Produce Perks vouchers online at this time. You are welcome to call us to place a phone order. We’ll hold your fruits and veggies and you can pay with Produce Perks when you pick up.

Need assistance?  Please call us during business hours at (740) 277-6305 – we’re happy to help!