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J Mitchell’s Spices & Sauces LLC

J Mitchell’s Spices & Sauces is a line of signature sauces and spices that thrives on delicious tastes, innovative recipes, and well-fed customers.

We create and perfect spices and sauces that encompass enough flavors to enhance a myriad of traditional recipes. The diversity in J Mitchell’s unique combinations allows each spice and sauce to transition any dish into a truly exceptional dining experience.

We have have 4 signature spices & 2 signature sauces with flavors that you will find no where else.

J Mitchell’s Cajun Garlic Pepper
Garlic with a touch of heat? Yes please! Impress your guests with this mix featuring a warm spice, freshly ground pepper, and cayenne peppers picked straight from the garden.

J Mitchell’s Italian Blend
An herbal blend of roasted garlic, minced onion, basil and thyme make up this sweet, zesty combination. From baked ziti to grilled chicken, you can’t go wrong with this freshly ground mix.

J Mitchell’s Spice Rub
Brown sugar, cayenne pepper, chili powder and more come together to provide the perfect blend of flavor in this uniquely crafted rub resulting in a dish that is tender, smokey and sweet with the perfect amount of heat.

Recommended use: this rub is ideal for smoking or grilling your favorite meats; it can also be utilized as a blackened seasoning.

J Mitchell’s Spice Blend
Freshness stands out in this earthy blend of parsley, celery salt, onion powder and other select aromatic spices that combine for a comforting every-day seasoning.

WooHoo Sauce
The sauce that started it all – WooHoo Sauce! This sauce is the perfect arrangement of sweet, savory, and spicy that can bring out the best in any dish. Recommended use: dip, marinade, or top your favorite sandwiches – you can’t go wrong when you go WooHoo!

J Mitchell’s Five Alarm
Keep a cool drink nearby because it’s about to get HOT! Our Five Alarm hot sauce features aged cayenne red peppers and reaper chili peppers with just a hint of garlic to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.