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Gustafson Art Glass

Dave jokes that that he breaks glass and Janet bakes it. Dave takes the design and cuts the base layer and the pieces that make the design. He arranges them in the desired positions and hands it off to Janet.

Janet determines the effect needed and how to achieve it by manipulating the amount of kiln heat. To achieve these effects She sets the computer controls. She has become an expert in the subtle color changes and differences in some colors.

The items we make are limited only by our imaginations. Designs come from things we see in nature even patterns from old quilts. Sometimes the design detail is in the glass itself. Crackle glass is made of sheets of hot glass sprinkled with thin chips of different colors. There are types of glass that are iridized. They look like a puddle after a rain with a bit of oil on top.

We make bowls for many purposes: serving bread, simple decoration and for holding small amounts of the random things one finds in their pocket. We make tiny window vases that hold rootings and others that are simply decorative.

Janet and Dave Gustafson
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