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Foraged & Sown

Foraged & Sown is a work of creative food production.

Since 2015, we’ve grown herbs, vegetables, and berries on multiple growing sites around Central Ohio, and in 2020 we added a larger farm and production site in West Jefferson. We are first-generation, female farmers committed to environmentally and socially just practices.

Our dual focus on cultivated and foraged produce encompasses a broad range of herbs, fruits, greens and roots. Our foraging ethic leans heavily on research and monitoring for each crop harvested to ensure true sustainability.

We’ve been proudly certified organic by OEFFA since 2017 for both our fresh produce and seedlings and as a handler for our farm-produced teas and salts. In 2020 we added Real Organic Project certification, verifying that our growing practices are focused on the health of our planet.

  • Jane, Holly, Kate, & Karli
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