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Koffee Geeks

Our dream was to offer excellent coffee to our customers, without it costing half your paycheck to get a good “cuppa joe”.

We recently decided to grow our business, and relocated to Laurelville, Ohio. We have a beautiful 3 acres and a place for our huge roaster – affectionately called “Rosie” – so we can bring an excellent quality product to you, our customer.

Over the years we went from a hot plate and saucepan, to popcorn poppers, and through many other techniques of roasting to find that perfect sweet spot for a good roast. Despite all the challenges he faced, and variables that come along with different techniques, Mike produced some kickin’ coffee!

We took the plunge earlier this year to move ahead with a lovely commercial roaster. “Rosie” is a rose gold Bidelli Roaster, and she came a long way to join us here in Laurelville. We love having her and we have learned a lot about roasting small, fresh, custom batches that are making our customers very happy!

Mike and Jodi
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