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Denise Wright | Sewing In My Basement

Known to many in Fairfield County from her teaching days, Denise Wright is an avid quilter and sewist who makes unique hand towels, two-sided baby bibs and custom quilt tops. She is especially known for her T-shirt Quilts and her annual Pelotonia Quilt.

Denise joined Pelotonia and has ridden in the last decade+, donating all funds raised from sales of her sewn goods to Pelotonia. Her annual Pelotonia Quilt is raffled off with all proceeds donated to Pelotonia. It’s a double-dose of goodness when you buy one of Denise’s creations – you’re also making a donation to cancer research!

Denise is available for custom orders of bibs, tea towels and quilt tops – she has an excellent partner who finishes her quilt tops with artful excellence.

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