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Buckeye Shroomery

Welcome to Buckeye Shroomery, where a passion for premium gourmet mushrooms meets a commitment to quality and sustainability. Nestled in the heart of Alexandria, our family-run farm cultivates a diverse array of mushrooms, including Oysters, Lions Mane, Chestnuts, Pioppino, and Shiitake. We take pride in delivering an exceptional range of flavors and textures to elevate your culinary experience.

At Buckeye Shroomery, our commitment to quality begins with our cultivation practices. We meticulously nurture our mushrooms in a controlled environment, ensuring they thrive and develop their distinctive characteristics. From the earthy notes of Shiitake to the delicate flavor of Lions Mane, each variety is cultivated with care and precision.

Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional mushrooms. We believe in fostering a sense of community and sharing our passion for mushrooms. Our website features resources, recipes, and insights to inspire your culinary journey with these extraordinary fungi. Join us in exploring the world of gourmet mushrooms and elevate your culinary creations with Buckeye Shroomery.

Discover the difference that premium, locally cultivated mushrooms can make. At Buckeye Shroomery, we are not just delivering mushrooms; we are delivering a culinary experience tailored to your taste.