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Blue Owl Garden Emporium

Blue Owl Garden Emporium herb farm offers locally and sustainably grown herbs, edible flowers, herbal seasoning blends and teas, plus a variety of other herbal concoctions. With ~200 herbs available dried during the winter and fresh during the summer, it’s likely we can fill your every culinary or household herbal need. All grown in Licking Co. Ohio without synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

We also offer culinary mushrooms, grow-your-own mushroom logs, native fruits, and various other forest edibles in season from our forest farm, Blue Owl Hollow. Our mushroom selection is seasonal and includes: shiitake, nameko, mukitake, several oysters, wine-cap stropharia, reishi, and maitake. Not content with mere comestibles, we have a growing line of forest-derived crafts, such as rustic “rosewood” buttons (cleverly created from that invasive shrub every forest landowner loves to hate, multiflora rose!), fatwood firestarters, smudges, and Swedish log candles.

Our fascination with unusual-but-useful plants ensures that we always have something of interest on hand.

Blue Owl products are available from Keller Market House.

In-house, on the shelves:

Herbal Tea Blends

* Cinnamon Bee-Balm chai
* Cardamom Anise Hyssop chai
* Spiced Spruce chai
* Earl Blue tea
* Blueberry Hyssop tea
* Red & Black Raspberry Sage tea
* Triple Black Raspberry Sage tea
* Tea of the Seven Seas tea
* Bed of Roses tea
* Mints Gone Wild tea
* Caprilands tea
* Lemon Balm-Mint tea
* Lotsa Lemon tea
* Merry Mint Choco-tea
* Black Forest Choco-tea
* Italian Country Inn tea
* Tea Wreaths (various herb combinations)

Herbal Seasoning Blends

* Everyday seasoning
* Cajun seasoning
* Creole seasoning
* Firehouse Hot Chili seasoning
* Italian seasoning
* Herbes de Provence seasoning
* Pizza seasoning
* Mexican Taco seasoning
* Ramp It Up seasoning salt
* Shichimi Togarashi seasoning
* Za’atar seasoning
* Soup Wreaths (various herb combinations)

Dry Rubs and Brines

* Blue Turkey brine
* Blue Chicken brine
* Black Hawaiian dry rub

Herbal Jar Mixes

* Blue Owl Hootie oatmeal cookie mix
* Lemon Verbena sugar cookie mix
* Choco-mint brownie mix
* Lavender-Mint shortbread cookie mix
* Lime Basil Coconut meringue mix

Non-Food Items

* Sassy Sak catnip toy
* Red pine fatwood firestarters
* Herb closet sachets
* Herb smudge bundles: cedar, sweetgrass, mugwort
* Multiflora rosewood buttons
* Sweet Annie X-mas trees

Available through on-line ordering for pickup at Keller Market House:

Dried Herbs

* ~200 herbs, suitable for various purposes: culinary, tea, medicinal, insect-repellent, incense, fragrance, dye, etc., both common and uncommon
* whole leaf, packaged in glass jars for best storage
* see Blue Owl website or Keller Market House on-line ordering site for current availability

Fresh Herbs, In-Season

* see Blue Owl website or Keller Market House on-line ordering site for current availability

Fresh Produce, In-Season

* Ramps
* Rhubarb
* Myoga ginger
* Gooseberries
* Grape leaves
* Garlic, heirloom varieties
* Shallots, red and grey frog-leg

Mushrooms, In-Season

* Shiitake
* Nameko
* Mukitake
* Reishi
* Oysters of several kinds
* Wine-cap stropharia
AND… Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Logs

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