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FreshORR Family Farms

Hi! Richard & Gina here! Along with our 3 young children, we are FreshORR Family Farms and through transparency and regenerative farming practices we steward God’s creation so the meat we raise for you is better for your body, provides a better life for the animal and a better future for your children and our land.

We offer pasture-raised poultry (chicken and turkey), pork and eggs. We offer our hogs by the half/whole and a large variety of parts/products by-the-pack. We offer a large variety of chicken parts/products as well.

We don’t just grow your food, together we are building a stronger, healthier community. In addition to the animals we raise, through our farming we support over a dozen other local farms and small businesses who have the same values, principles and goals as we do.

We are more than just high quality food. We value relationships with those who shop with us by connecting them to where their food is coming from and the benefits of it.

Join us – your body will thank you for it.

Richard & Gina
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