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Symmes Creek Ranch

Rustic Angus Cattle Ranch in Southeast Ohio. Producer of Premium NonGMO Beef.

Our ranch is bordered by Wayne National Forest and 76-mile Symmes Creek. The old barn was built in the 1840’s, evidenced by the hand hewn beams. This farm was in the Whitaker family for many generations. Whittaker Wetlands lies just across Symmes Creek and is a sanctuary for many species of birds and ducks.

Riding your horse to the highest point on the ranch you can see 360 degrees all around Gallia County, including the Mark Carter Ranch to the south and West Virginia to the east.

Our cattle graze on this farm where they are outside 365 days a year. They calve in the open pasture and drink from the many springs on the farm.

Our beef is certified by the Non GMO Project and conforms to Project standards for minimal GMO contaminants in our feed. Cattle in this program never receive antibiotics or hormones of any kind and their diet consists only of native grasses and Non GMO grain, peas and lentils.