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Big Axe Spices

After Mr. Big Axe had open-heart surgery, he needed to change his salt intake. Not liking the available salt-free seasonings on the market, he decided to make his own. We now have 16 Salt-Free Flavors and there’s always more in the making. Salt is cheap – your health is priceless!

Big Axe Spice® Salt-Free Seasonings are ♥️ Salt FREE ♥️ Potassium FREE ♥️ Sugar FREE ♥️ Gluten FREE ♥️ Preservative FREE ♥️ MSG FREE ♥️ Heart Healthy ♥️ Vegan ​♥️ Vegetarian ♥️ Low Carb / Keto ♥️ Fat Free ♥️ Paleo Friendly ♥️ Kosher friendly ♥️ Halal friendly


Mega Flavor – MILD Salt-Free Original All Purpose Seasoning 18 Spices
Smoked – MILD Salt-Free Smoked Garlic & Herbs
ZingiBear – MILD Salt-Free Asian Ginger & Garlic
Farmstead – MILD Salt-Free Dill & Onion Dip Mix
UrsaMax – MILD Salt-Free Italian / Mediterranean
Patri’s Pizzico – MILD Salt-Free Sicilian
UmamiBear – MILD Salt-Free Light Curry & Umami
TacoDora – MILD Salt-Free Taco – Gluten Free
CrossCut – MILD Salt-Free Canadian Steak Seasoning
OsoGood – MILD Salt-Free Chorizo


Black’nJack – HOT Salt-Free Cajun / Blackening Spice
DreadNot – HOT Salt-Free Jamaican Jerk
Hot Axe – HOT Salt-Free Original All Purpose Seasoning 18 Spices
Red Silk HOT– Berbere
Fire Axe – EXTRA HOT Salt-Free Original All Purpose Seasoning 18 Spices


Mama’s Cinnamon & Maple Sugar Spice Sugar ADDED, only 1g. Sugar per serving